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Current Status

On September 1st, we participated in a local gallery hopping event at Warp Zone Louisville. The event was a great chance for Louisville Makes Gamesto introduce the local art community, and greater public to the local game development community. In addition to networking, the event also served as the opening party for the Kentucky Fried Pixels Bundle #2.

We've been working on this game slowly since mid-July, and have struggled to put time in on it. On top of competing life priorities, we have also been teaching ourselves Unity on this game. Going into the trolley hop event, our expectations for feedback were low. Knowing there's plenty more to do on the game, and that it has much more potential than the latest build, we went into the show just glad to have it in a playable loop, and a couple of small features that we're really proud of.

So How Did It Go?

The feedback we got for Cool Carkour was well above our expectations! Everyone who stepped up to play the game, stayed, and tried again, and again to make their way through the levels. It seemed the freedom of being able to drop the gadgets anywhere and just see what happens really clicked and hooked people in. There were a few people that beat all 5 of the levels, then came back later just to play around with the different tools and see if they could beat it a different way, or just see what goofy things they could cause the car to do.

So what does this mean?

To be honest, we weren't thinking this game would continue much further than the release of the KFP 2 bundle, but after the feedback we've received, we are going to continue trucking (pun fully intended) along. There are going to be plenty of updates coming (and you'll get them all if you Buy the Bundle!! :) ), but here are a few of the things we'll be adding in first:

  • Smoother Controls
    • Easier to Grab tools once placed
    • Dragging Moves the camera along the level 
  • A Tutorial Screen for how to pull in tools
  • Plenty of New Levels
  • Truck/Car Modifications in addition to the Gadgets/Tools
  • New Gadgets Ideas
    • Magnets
    • Cannons (think like donkey kong country)
    • Zipline like rails

All this feedback has really motivated us on the game, and we'll be working hard to introduce new features regularly.

Keep it Cool,

Code Cat

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Sep 01, 2017
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Sep 01, 2017

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