Carkour! v4.0.4

The last few months have been hectic at Roaring Cat Games, with multiple vacations, demo shows, and lots of life obligations for the team. Through all the scheduling conflicts, we've been slowly, but steadily working through our task and bugs backlog, and we're ready to put those updates in your hands! Version 4.0.4 is ready, and you can download the new version on the itch page, or get the patch through the App.

During the last couple of months we also had chances to get new eyes on the game. Feedback has continued to be helpful and positive. It has been incredibly motivating to see new faces pick up the game, immediately engaging and wrinkling their brain around the puzzles.

Updates in v4.0.4:

  1. Deselect Tools
  2. Consistent Tool Interactions
  3. Tool Selection Bar
  4. "Out of Stock" Indicator

Deselect Tools

You can now deselecting the current tool by tapping/clicking anywhere outside of the selected tool. This really helps when you are aiming to move around a level, and don't want to accidentally drag a tool out of place. This was a usability item that we noticed during multiple playtest sessions, but players could never articulate it. We could see frustration in their reactions and knew we needed to do something. This is a very small item, but really helps the flow of placing tools around the level.

Consistent Tool Interactions

Clicks on an existing tool or its rotations/deletion control are no longer blocked by terrain! This was something that we noticed in several playtesting sessions, but didn't really know what was happening. It was very intermittent, and very hard to replicate. We got lucky in finding this while adding the Tool Deselection. We noticed there were conflicting listeners, and it was actually some Terrain objects that were blocking tool control clicks. Long story short, you will ALWAYS be able to select/rotate/delete/move your tools in the game now.

Tool Selection Bar

A new tool selection bar has been added at the top of the UI so you can easily select and find the tool you are looking for. From time to time we would witness players get themselves into awkward positions with tools stacked too close together. When this happened, they often could not select the tool they wanted and were forced to either delete a tool and re-add it, or move multiple tools and hope they got them back in place. It wasn't often, but when it did happen it really interrupted the flow of the game. It was a frustration point that really stole enjoyment from the sandbox feel of the game we want you to experience. We hope the new selection bar will give you all the access you need to get those pixel perfect tool placements for some hardcore Carkour! solutions.

"Out of Stock" Indicator

One aspect of the game that has never been incredibly clear, is that you have a limited number of tools per level. Along with the tool selection bar (which has open slots for each available tool usage), an indicator is now placed on the toolbox once you've used up all available tools. The art is still placeholder art. We went ahead and included it, because it's a clear indicator that you have reached the limits of your resources, and the toolbox buttons are not going to provide more tools.


Carkour! (Linux) 45 MB
Version 4.0.4 Oct 10, 2018
Carkour! (Android) 39 MB
Version 4.0.4 Oct 10, 2018
Carkour! (Mac) 44 MB
Version 4.0.4 Oct 10, 2018
Carkour! (Windows) 44 MB
Version 4.0.4 Oct 10, 2018

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